• Sam Bainbridge - Art Director & Visual Communicator - Infestation

    Lorien has a wonderful obsession with getting things just right. I have enjoyed her can-do attitude and her enthusiasm in ensuring that the final product is absolutely beautiful. I’d work with her again any day.

    Sam Bainbridge - Art Director & Visual Communicator - Infestation
  • Werner Uys - Lucan

    Only a pleasure working with Lorien, long or short form. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled editor to join a project.

    Werner Uys - Lucan
  • Talia Sanhewe

    Lorien is an exceptional editor, her hard work, creativity and dedication to completing and fully immersing herself in projects is unbelievably impressive. She is quick to grasp the narrative and is highly skilled at crafting an edit, that not only compliments, but enhances and lifts a production to a level of excellence. I have no hesitation recommending Lorien. She is a delight to work with and is brilliant data manager. She is a great individual with a passion for editing and the art of storytelling.

    Talia Sanhewe